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Biotherapeutics Invited to Present by MedImmune at the Maryland Biotech Forum

BLACKSBURG, VA: Apr. 2, 2015 - The Biotherapeutics (BTI) team traveled to Gaithersburg, MD, to present at the Maryland Biotech Forum 2015 taking place at the headquarters of MedImmune. With 800+ life sciences companies, over 70 federal labs and world-class research institutions, the biotechnology cluster in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC sets the bar for biotechnology innovation. BTI was invited to present the latest results on the development of novel lanthionine sysnthetase cyclase-like 2(LANCL2)-based therapeutics for treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Type 2 Diabetes (T2D).

“We were excited to present new data demonstrating efficacy and safety of BTI’s top lead LANCL2 ligands in mouse models of IBD and T2D.” Said Dr. Carbo, BTI’s Scientific Director.

“BTI’s presentation at the MD BioTech Forum coincides with the launch of a $5M Series A funding to advance BTI’s top lead compounds from a highly successful proof-of-concept into Phase I and Phase IIa clinical testing. Additionally, BTI hopes to be able to secure IND approval for our top lead anti-inflammatory within the next 12 months.” Said Dr. Bassaganya-Riera, President and CEO of BTI.

BTI will be presenting late-breaking results on the therapeutic efficacy, safety, PK/PD and mechanism of action of our top lead LANCL2 ligands during the 2015 American Gastroenterology Association annual meeting in Washington D.C. for IBD, and during the 2015 American Association of Diabetes (ADA) annual meeting this upcoming June in Boston.

BTI is also planning to participate in the BIO meeting in Philadelphia, June 15th-18th to continue discussing partnering opportunities with VCs, angels, and pharmaceutical companies.

About Biotherapeutics Inc.

A pre-clinical stage, small-molecule company advancing therapeutics for inflammation and diabetes. BioTherapeutics was established in 2008 with the mission to develop safer and more effective treatments for human diseases. The company holds numerous patents on innovative mechanisms of anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic action. The technology was validated with numerous pre-clinical studies resulting in 12 peer-reviewed publications elucidating a novel pathway and showing the compounds to be both safe and effective. Biotherapeutics is expanding rapidly to support additional pre-clinical studies with the goal of submitting an IND application to the Food and Drug Administration.

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