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Disruptive precision medicine technology conquering inflammation and diabetes

Informatics Technology

The precision medicine informatics division at Biotherapeutics Inc has made it a priority to tackle the immensely complex challenge of discovering and validating new safer and more efficacious treatments for human diseases.

Problems with Current Drug Development Process

Developing a new medicine takes an average of 10-15 years. Of the tens of thousands of compounds screened, only one is approved.

The drug development and approval process

How We Solve It

Our informatics technology platform is constructed and maintained by a team of outstanding immunologists, data scientists, computational modelers, bioinformaticians and software developers in order to address the comprehensive needs of precision medicine and conquer diseases with data.

High-throughput multi-scale modeling using graph analytics

Under our informatics umbrella, we incorporate a systems-wide analysis of massively interacting networks incurred between diet, microbiome, metabolism, immunity, pharmaceuticals and nutritionals. In doing so, the BTI team strongly invokes a holistic approach to successfully advance drug discovery in the precision medicine era.

Use Case: Crohn’s Disease In-silico Clinical Trials

We have developed a novel integrated approach to running clinical trials. Using Crohn’s Disease as use case we:

  • Created 12,500 virtual patients
  • Predicted changes of CDAI scores

  • Administered 5 treatments including placebo
  • Evaluated correlations with immunology variables

The drug development and approval process

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