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Disruptive precision medicine technology conquering inflammation and diabetes

Informatics Overview

BTI Informatics is a division of Biotherapeutics Inc. that advances novel precision medicine informatics to identify cures for infectious and inflammatory diseases and diabetes. Combining and analyzing massive amounts of data of different types can often provide insights of great value. BTI has streamlined a pipeline that fully integrates computational and experimental platforms to transcend current limitations in clinical research (

Precision Medicine

Precision medicine under the BTI Informatics division assists:



BTI’s informatics platform uses state-of-the art computing to improve the quality of diagnosis and minimize time-to-care for patients suffering from infections, inflammation, diabetes or metabolic syndrome. Enhanced diagnosis is synergized with clinicians’ increased understanding for best treatment options.


Precision Medicine Clinicians

BTI’s precision modeling platform empowers clinicians to define patient populations appropriate for precision medicine applications, while determining optimum treatment patient plans through management and interpretation of big data. Next generation sequencing data substantially increases the knowledge base for infectious, immune-mediated and inflammatory diseases.



BTI’s informatics platform seamlessly integrates diverse multi-parameter datasets to help researchers examine enormous amounts of data more efficiently and more accurately. This rigorous analysis helps researchers justify project leads, ensure reproducibility and advance along the drug discovery pipeline, and preemptively identifying safety and efficacy issues of products.


Our cutting-edge technology assembles data from the molecular, cellular, tissue and population levels using data-driven tools to provide answers to complex biological questions. BTI’s precision medicine and health strategies optimizes scalable and rigorous modeling and big-data analytics methods to gain mechanistic insights from molecules to health outcomes. BTI’s technology leverages the expertise gained through the Center for Modeling Immunity to Enteric Pathogens (

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